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About Us

Kaizen Marketing Group is your premium, all-in-one, boutique digital marketing firm.

The Reality...

We live in a time where business has changed platforms.  Whether you are a local small business, or a larger multi-national corporation, the way that you attract, engage, and interact with your potential clients and customers has changed forever.  The reality is that if you're not leveraging the tools and technologies of today, your business will never reach its full potential (or survive at all!).  

The good news:  That's where we come in.

Kaizen Marketing Group got its humble beginnings back in 2009 when founder Rob Sinclair began learning about the power of online marketing. The idea that you could put a message, or a product, or a service in front of only and exactly the people who were actively looking for it was a game changer for Rob, then a young entrepreneur in the health/fitness/martial arts world.  Rob began experimenting with affiliate marketing, and then evolved into web design, digital marketing and lead generation strategies that built the foundation of who we are today.

Fast forward over 7 years, and a lot has happened.  The digital world is even more powerful, and also far more complex.  The need to master these tools is greater than ever.  In order to keep up in today's competitive business environment you MUST be leveraging digital marketing strategies, but so many businesses just don't have the time, or the inclination to dive into understanding this crazy world.  

This is where we become an invaluable partner.

Our team of marketing consultants and digital experts work with you and your team to understand your unique business needs and goals.  We help you build the strategy and implement the tools to explode your bottom line and work smarter at the same time.  Our goal is not only to demonstrate measurable growth (more leads, more revenue, etc.), but also to help improve your effectiveness and efficiency as an organization.  We want to improve profitability AND improve your quality of life at the same time, by putting the systems in place and giving you the peace of mind that these complex elements are handled.  That way you can focus on doing what you do best as an organization.

Kaizen Marketing Group:  Unparalleled Service & Untouchable Results

So many businesses have at least one horror story of their "web designer" who disappeared, or never returned calls, or projects that ran way over time and/or over budget.  In this world, we stand out as committed professionals who do what they say, and say what they do.  Rest assured, you are in good hands.

We are more than a marketing firm.  We act as a strategic partner for our clients, helping them apply the timeless principles of successful business while leverage the tools and technology of today to grow the bottom line, and work smarter at the same time.  We support business owners by providing unparalleled service and untouchable results. We are at your service, ready to position you and your company as the best at what you do - because you are.  

And your success is our business.

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