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New E-book: The 7 Digital Must-Have's to Explode Your Modern Business

Posted Jan 21st, 2016 in News

New E-book: The 7 Digital Must-Have's to Explode Your Modern Business

Here at Kaizen Marketing Group we spend a lot of time talking with clients and other partners about the most CRITICAL elements that a modern business needs to have in place.  These are not "nice to have's" or "maybe one day" things.  If you want to grow and sustain a profitable business in today's marketplace, you NEED to have these tools and systems in place in your business.  Period.

So, we've decided to compile a short Ebook that outlines these "7 Digital Must Have's".  Here's a sneak peak at a few of them:

Kaizen Marketing Group - The 7 Digital Must-Have's to Explode Your Modern Business

1 - A Results-Oriented, Magnetic, Brand-Congruent Web Presence - Please understand that we're saying so much more here than "your business needs a website".  That's like saying "your car needs wheels".  What we're talking about here is an online presence (including a website, social media, etc.) that are not only congruent with your brand and your values, but also MAGNETIZE your target market.  And perhaps most importantly, your presence needs be results-oriented.  

When you look at the strategic objectives of your sales and marketing process, your web presence should accomplish as many of them as possible.  This includes but is not limited to, things like:  Positioning you as an expert, establishing credibility, providing social proof, pre-qualifying your target market, and generating real quality leads.  Unfortunately, so many businesses have the complete backwards approach, and don't even know that their website is costing them business.  That's where we come in.

2 - Magnetic Search Marketing - Gone are the days of the yellow pages.  When your clients or customers want something, they search for it online.  It doesn't matter if it's by mobile, tablet or desktop, search marketing needs to be a pillar in your business.  The beautiful thing about intelligent search marketing is that you can put your message/value proposition in front of only and exactly the people who WANT what you provide.  Our tools tell you what people are searching for, and we reverse-engineer your campaigns to put you in front of them.  And everyone wins.

3 - Marketing and Sales Automation - Do you have a clear vision of every step of your sales funnel?  Right from their first point of contact, through the nurturing process, through the opt-in or information request, are you clear on all the steps that lead to them being a happy and repeat customer?  And what if you could put 90 - 99% of that process on autopilot, working for you 24/7/365?  Imagine no leads ever slipping through the cracks.  Imagine automated sequences that ask for reviews, feedback, testimonials, and referrals.  Imagine knowing that if you're NOT delivering a wow experience for your customers that your staff automatically gets a notification to call and do service recovery to make sure they're happy?  All of this is more than possible.  In fact, if you're going to truly realize the potential of your business, it's necessary.

And more...!

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