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Battling Overwhelm - The Power of Automation...

Posted Jan 21st, 2016 in News

Battling Overwhelm - The Power of Automation...

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we've all been there.

There is too much to do, and not enough time to do it.  The staff can't do it as well as you can.  The software doesn't do it the way you want it done.  The "fires" that need to be put out each day get in the way of the REAL projects and initiatives that would move your business forward.  This is what we call "Entrepreneurial Purgatory". 

Entrepreneurial Purgatory Defined:

  • You have more to do than you can get done.
  • You have amazing ideas, that keep taking a back burner to the day-to-day operations or "emergencies"
  • You  KNOW that if you could execute some of these great ideas that it would SOLVE a lot of the day-to-day "emergencies"
  • Each day that goes by you curse yourself for not getting more done, and lay awake at night thinking about what it's costing you.

The OLD Solution:


Many coaches and business gurus will tell you that you need to do a better job of "delegating", or effectively offloading many of the time consuming but low-leverage tasks in your day to someone who can do it about 80% as well as you.

The problem?  Delegation requires MAN POWER, which in turn usually requires MONEY, or favours which are even worse.  If you're like many entrepreneurs, you know it would be wonderful to just hire someone to take on all of your day-to-day responsibilities, but your business is not (YET) in a position to carry the cashflow burden (without you getting another part-time job).

The NEW Solution:


The reality is that many of the things that demand your day-to-day attention can be AUTOMATED.  Even the things that are the MOST important, like driving lead flow and converting interested prospects into happily paying customers.  Even nurturing new customers to be loyal, repeat customers who refer even more new customers.  

What would your business look like if 95% of your prospecting and sales happened on Autopilot?  What if you knew these people were being given real value, custom-targeted messages that relate to their individual needs, and offered solutions and opportunities to buy all while you sleep, or provide your services?  

These tools can be complex to navigate, but are worth the effort.  Or better yet, you can have someone set it all up for you, like we do.  

Set Yourself Free

Speaking from experience, I know the Entrepreneurial purgatory can be hell on earth.  But the good news is that it can end as soon as you're ready to set yourself free.  Ask us how today.

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